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community dead? 
03:50pm 26/06/2014
mood: happy!
7 years and no progress what has happened?? phantom is still very much a part of all of us! where is the love????


01:10pm 18/10/2006
  I dont think this was posted... however I may have missed it because I only did a quick scan of my FList... been without power due to crazy storm in buffalo.

holy crap!

POTO coming back to TORONTO!!!!
albeit not a permanent run again but long enough! and at a really nice theatre to boot, however no pantages.


A question... 
03:59pm 06/10/2006
  Victorian_vixen's recent question about what Erik died of got me thinking of another question we could open up for discussion:

Why did Erik have a change of heart at the end and let Christine and Raoul go?

Was it simply a sudden attack of conscience?...Or was there more to it? Theories? Ideas?

And here is another question:

Why didn't Erik simply kill Raoul from the very beginning? He didn't seem to have any problem doing away with plenty of other people, so one would think that getting rid of the one person trying to take Christine from him would be his first priority.

I'm interested to know what you all think.

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A Greeting...and a Question... 
12:26am 06/10/2006
  Hello, everyone. I'm new to livejournal and was so happy to stumble across this community.

I'm also new to this "phandom." A few months ago, I finally saw the Phantom of the Opera movie, which got me hooked on the entire subject, including the musical. A few weeks ago, I ordered the original novel, and have just recently completed it. Which brings me to a stupid question that I have: of what does Erik die at the end of the novel? Is it really "of love" or  a "broken heart" , or does he commit suicide, feeling he can expereince nothing greater out of life? I'm sorry, I'm sure it's a somewhat basic question, but I figured if there was anyone I could ask, it would be someone in this community.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to many more posts.

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Phantom of the Opera art 
09:32pm 14/07/2005
  Hello fellows Monsieurs and Mademoiselles. I would like to inform you that I am selling a Erik and Christine etching print on eBay. Inspired by the artwork from the Pinball machine. Please take a look at it.

Thank you all for your time and have a splendid day.



06:36pm 09/07/2005
mood: excited
I'm reading the book again. :) This is my second reading.

How many times have you read PotO?


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Susan Kay Petition.........I need your help!! 
09:37pm 22/06/2005
  Thank you so much to EVERYONE who signed the Susan Kay's "Phantom" Reprinting Petition! It means so much to everyone who believes! :)

We have now reached the goal of *well over* 2,000 signatures! I thought it wasn't ever going to happen.
I know that some people signed more than once. To those of you who did so discreetly, with a name of a family member or friend, I thank you. To those of you who said you were signing a second time, or who did something very, very stupid like posting a CONVERSATION between your imaginary friends/band members (*ahem!* to anyone to saw the whole Dir En Grey BS)...I do not thank you, as "signatures" such as these make the entire cause seem silly, immature, and ridiculous...and could have, in the end, diminished the legitimacy of the other signers of the petition.
To everyone else, thank you so very, very much!! :)

Now...how can you help?

One of three ways!!!

First...I need you to grab your books, or your internet search skills...and find me the NAMES and addresses, if possible, of every PUBLISHER in English-speaking countries that have published this book. I know the names of several, but only have the rather amusing address for Delacorte Press, which is 666 Fifth Avenue in New York.
So...I need those names and addresses. America, UK...anywhere where English is the spoken language.
Also.....Steven Spielberg!!!! I believe Christine Daae Clemens (at least I believe it was her) gave me this address....and I was an absolute idiot and lost where she posted it! -_-

Second....the names and addresses for other countries' publishers that published Phantom as well. Also, someone who would be willing to TRANSLATE some good quotes from signatures on the petition to their spoken language, and the letter I will be composing to the publishers who will be receiving. I know it was published in Japanese and German...what other languages??

I work full time as a security guard. I enjoy my job for the most part, but unfortunately, being out of work for a couple months has put me in debt up to my eyeballs.
If need be, I will find a way to pay for the paper, ink, postage, etc. myself. However...if anyone can actually afford to donate even a couple bucks...I *am* a Paypal member, and though I get a percentage taken out from each transaction (that gets a lot of grrs from me, trust me! ;) ), even a dollar could help. If you could donate ink (maybe you work somewhere that throws out perfectly good ink cartidges...I know some companies do this. Or, you get a ridiculously serious discount on them, and could hook me up with a deal? My printer takes "45 BLACK | HP Inkjet Printer Cartridge" and I have an HP Deskjet 932C), you'd be loved for life. Paper? Perhaps you could volunteer to, when notified, print a copy or two of every page of the petition.
By the way, my Email address, for Paypal or personal Emails, is KraftiKitty@aol.com
You may also AIM me on KraftiKitty, or use sodakitty for Yahoo, if you wish to contact me about anything pertaining to the subject.

Are you good with words? I am a bit indecisive as to what I should really SAY in the letter I will be sending to each publisher.

Thank you so very much to EVERYONE for EVERYTHING! You're all great and wonderful, and every single one of you deserves a red rose and a hug for simply signing!

Love always,

Note to mods: If you feel, for whatever the reason may be, that this post is inappropriate...you are the moderator/owner, so please, feel free to either remove, or contact me and ask me to change/delete whatever it is you wish to be modified. Thank you as well! :)

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Questions about the Leroux novel 
06:36pm 02/05/2005
  Hello again everyone. :) I'm rereading the novel, and I've noticed a couple of things, those sorts of things you only catch on the second reading.

1. When Richard and Moncharmin interrogate Mme. Giry about the Opera ghost, she says that the ghost always asks for a footstool when he comes to Box Five. After the dialogue in which the managers wonder if the ghost is a woman and Giry corects them, she says: "Well, I brought the footstool. Of course, it wasn't for himself he wanted it, but for his lady! But I never heard her nor saw her." (Leroux, page 41), and shortly after that says "Some evenings I find flowers in the box, a rose that must have dropped from his lady's bodice...for he brings a lady with him sometimes; one day, they left a fan behind them." I'm wondering who this lady could be. I speculated that it was Christine, but then remembered that she hadn't realized that Erik was "the voice" yet. Now I'm simply wondering if Erik didn't just ask for a footstool and place a fan there himself to fool Mme. Giry into beliving he brought a lady with him; I don't know why he would do that, but it's an idea.

2. "[Raoul and the Persian] were only just in time. A shade, this time carrying no light, just a shade in the shade, passed...for they could distinguish the shade sufficiently to see that it wore a cloak which shrouded it from head to foot...

'Whew!' said the Persian. 'We've had a narrow escape; that shade knows me and has twice taken me to the managers' office.'

'Is it some one belonging to the theatre police?" asked Raoul.

'It's some one much worse than that!' replied the Persian." (Leroux, page 187). Any ideas as to who or what this is? I know in the footnote Leroux provides that he is "speaking of state services", and, "upon my word of honour, I can say no more", but I wondered if any of you might have had some kind of theory. A tiny thing to mention, but interesting nonetheless.

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08:10pm 02/04/2005
mood: obsessive
I've started to notice that Phantom is depressing me.
The story's sad, yet I want it anyway, so either way is sad.
I don't know maybe I'm weird but does it drepress anyone else??
Dumb thing is, even though it might do things to me I woulnd't give it up for all the world.

I saw it for the fourht time today, I think I've gotten so much exposure to it, that it doesn't hold that spark anymore. That hasn't lessened my love for it though, just my excitement.

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PHANTOM by Susan Kay 
02:28pm 20/03/2005
  I've never heard of a single person who has read "Phantom" by Susan Kay, and didn't love the book to pieces. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please!)

Please accept my apologies, also, if this has been posted before. :)

Whether one is a fan of Phantom of the Opera or not, this book is wonderful, and enforces a need for the reader to see beyond the skin. It teaches life lessons, as well as touches the soul, and leaves readers begging for more, while feeling richly satisfied.

However, the reason that this book has not been republished is that the publishers apparently do not know that this book is in such high demand. Nobody at the publishing company has an inkling that so many people wish to read a fifteen-year-old book.

I am motivated, and would love to have this re-published. If we can prove to the publishing company/companies that this book should be re-published, AND if they get Susan Kay's approval (she calls the shots, I believe...and she does get a profit, of course....) but it costs the publishing company a LOT of money to simply set up to reset and reprint a book, especially a book which they haven't printed for over a decade, and if they were going to make only $100 or $1000 profit, it wouldn't be worth anything at all for them to reprint and redistribute this book.

My guess is that if 5,000 people signed a petition, then we would be all set. You might think I'm insane with such a request, but look at it this way: why would they want to reprint a book which will only be purchased by 500 people? 1000 people? It's not really worth it to them, is it?

I will be composing a proper letter, with Miss Elizabeth McKendry, to convince the publisher(s) of the need for this book to be reprinted.

I am volunteering my time, effort, and will be volunteering my money for printing and sending of the letters AND a printed copy of EVERY SINGLE page of signatures, whether it's 1,000 for 10,000. So I ask that you volunteer a moment of your time to sign this, if you believe in the cause! :)
If you REALLY want it to happen, I beg that you spread this around. Please don't spam!! But...think: people I know in person, people YOU know in person, people your online buddy knows in person, people you chat with through AIM and Messenger, through Livejournal, Gerard Butler, Phantom fans, fans of books in general, and of course, and other connections...I'm sure we could get MORE than 2,000 "signatures" within a few weeks.

Please sign this petition. Your Email address is not given to ANYONE, it is NOT available to readers of petition signatures, and you do not have to use a real name. Just sign if you agree that it would be a good idea for everyone involved if Susan Kay's "Phantom" were reprinted, and available to everyone.

Comment to keep this message floating. Thanks!


Direct link to sign:


Because if you want to buy it while it's out of print, this is what you'll have to deal with:

absolute insanity!

Thank you for supporting your fandom. :) If you have any questions which you do NOT want to appear on this board, direct them to me at KraftiKitty at aol.com. Just be sure to do the @ symbol...LOL, too many spiders crawling LJ. I get enough spam. ;)

Best of luck!!

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05:26am 19/03/2005
  please join phantom_photos




Phantom costuming 
01:25pm 07/03/2005
  I am eccentric. *GRIN* I also love to create.
I just purchased an amazing new sewing machine, which does 70 different stitches and stitch functions. It's my new love! ^_^
And so...since I got tickets to OPENING NIGHT of Phantom of the Opera in Boston (March 30th), I decided to go all-out and make Christine's Wishing dress from the live show! I am psyched, since I'll be in the third row (yay! XD), and am going to make jewelry (Swarovski crystal, Venetian glass, etc.) for at LEAST my Christine, and cards for the other main actors/actresses, etc.

I am using Butterick pattern 4315. My GOD, what a ridiculous amount of material I had to use!! O___O I bought over 12 yards of this gorgeous blue fabric, a nice, textured matte, deep black, and tons of ribbon and lace! I finally cut the pieces (I *hate* cutting...if anyone else sews, ever cut huge pieces, and barely have a place in your house big enough to lay out all the fabric and patterns, and end up having to move furniture to do so?? >_o heh). I'm so hyped for it!

Oh, here's a picture of the pattern I am using:
(It looks ridiculous if you don't have an imagination.... *grin* The finished picture here shows more of a vampiric costume. ;) )

Pattern 4315

Now, get a GREAT look at the actual finished product here:
Errr, minus the ridiculously vampiric/Marie Antoinette collar ;)

See here!

I just have two hopes:

#1: I'm short. I'm 5'2-3"! (Haha...one doctor said I was 5'3", almost all others say I'm 5'2"! I like the 3" label better! XD). I hope the dress isn't ridiculously long! It'll be a pain in the tush to have to go back over the entire bottom and shorten after I'm done.
(And whether short or long, I hope it doesn't rain or snow too much!!! I don't want the bottom to be ruined!! XD)

#2: I'm not thin! *laughs* The model in the picture is probably between an American woman's size 8-12 somewhere. Not skinny, but not large. She could also be wearing heavy undergarments. But oh well. So, my hope is that the contrast between the waist and the huuuuuge bottom won't be as gigantic on me! XD heehee....I am going to be sitting in a theatre, remember...so I don't want the skirts to overflow into the laps of the people sitting beside me! ^_~

So....wish me luck.

And ever done anything like this? Tell me all about it!! =D

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Phantom Convention 
02:29pm 01/03/2005
  I've posed this question on the IMDb message boards, and got a few responses. By no means is this a solicitation for help, but simply to see what kind of response this might get!

So, my idea:

New York City...a con, during the summer of 2006, or maybe 2007.

Discussions, Art displays, Costume displays and contests, talent contest, both led and open/free forums, screenings of different versions of Phantom movies, musicals, etc...listening rooms for different versions of Phantom musicals, etc, etc, etc.

It would take a lot of preparation, and a good amount of funding/planning/etc.

Anyone in? ;)

If you wouldn't be interested in planning....would you be interested in coming??
Let me know.....maybe we could get something going seriously! =D

(I've been to anime conventions, and they're great fun!
I'm thinking something like that, but, of course....all Phantom!

Only downfall would be that we obviously couldn't have as many VENDORS. Vendors help pay for the entire thing!

We could, however, employ personal/individual vendors. Folks who make Phantom and musical/opera jewelry, posters and art prints, shirts, figures, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Any musical-related items would sell well at this type of event. Heck, have some jewelry with a choice of anything from a flute to a piano to a basoon, and someone would buy one of each. So, vendors would do rather well, methinks! ;)

It would probably have to be for spring or early summer 2007. It might take more than a year and a couple months to plan! ;D )

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02:37pm 19/02/2005
  I have two 12 x 12 frames (scrapbook frames) and I want to make collages out of them....
one is going to be a Shirley Manson one, the other I'm thinking POTO..

what are your fave movie pics? I was thinking.. maybe just do an Erik one (hehe), OR perhaps.. one that is in order? You know.. like a storyboard!

Please help me :(


(what would YOU put in the collage?)

my fave part is ponr..
so I was thinking just now.. maybe a collage dedicated to ponr, with the lyrics in the center...

I could barely find any ponr photos..
do you guys have any?


12:44am 09/02/2005
  Hey everyone
it's me xdementorsxkiss

I renamed my journal to _thedome



08:40pm 08/02/2005
  So today
I was going shopping
and it was atthe Commons
and here at the Commons
is the biggest rolex in the world
and it's one of those clock towers
it always plays songs
with the bells

and guess what song they played today????

ANGEL OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey all 
11:08am 03/02/2005
mood: obsessed
I think I finally found a home for obsessive people like me, Yah!! I just got the Phantom Soundtrack extended edition and I think I've had it on for 48 hours straight.
I'm looking for some other Phantom based novels like Phantom by Susan Kay, do you know some others? Help I need more phantom!! OR more Gerald Butler, I can settle:)
PLease help,

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GL version... 
09:36pm 02/02/2005
mood: loved
Hello, I love the story POTO. It's a must-read for anyone, but I'm preaching to the choir, Am I not? lol, anyways.
My real discussion starting Question is this: Would it have been better for Raoul to just sweep Christine away before the ultimate performance? What would have happened if he did?

I'm also here to post an ad, if it's not allright, that's fine. I am a co-mod for a Gaston Leroux version of Phantom of The Opera role-play. og_notes is role-play based from within the story, what happened from everyone else's point of view? We accept made-ups, and characters from other versions too. We have many characters left. Please check us out. og_notes

I simply loved it that they even included the torture chamber in the new movie, does anyone else wish that the Persian and torture chamber details were left out? The Persian was left out entirely, :/ and the 2004/05 movie also didn't include her professing love for Erik as much as in the book- that was a let down. Madame GIry isn't supposed to be all that cute, and (though I love Miranda Richardson, especially as Queen Mab from Merlin, I'd loved to have seen her envelope trick.)

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love that persian 
09:48pm 02/02/2005
  it upsets me andrew lloyd weber didnt incorporate the infamous Persian into his musical. when reading the novel, we value the persian because he knows erik personally and has experienced the horrors of erik....and he knows most of the tricks the phnatom uses to create the illusion of a ghost inthe opera, and how deeply twisted the phantom is.
Without the persian, the story would probably never exist.

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"DO ME, PHANTOM"--New Erik/Phantom Specific Community! 
04:47am 26/01/2005
  (I hope this is allowed here since it IS Erik/POTO/Gerard Butler related ;)--if not, my apologies)


It HAD to be done.

Do Me, Phantom

[Yes, "ha". But it's written with half jest and half seriousness. >;)]

Basically, this is LJ's first purely Erik/The Phantom fan community! (to my knowledge, anyway). Anyone who adores Gerard Butler as The Phantom (as well as those who adore other actors as The Phantom, or just the character in general), and even those who just love POTO (film, book, stage, whatever!) is welcome!

Please join up! And feel free to be as ridiculously fan-girly or as utterly intelligent about The Phantom as you'd like (anything goes!) :)